Thursday, January 28, 2010

He accepted my apologize :)
Hey bloggie! i'm very happy today or yasterday.. haha
you know what ??
he's accepted my apologize yuph just like the tittle said lol :P
yesterday he's sent me a message:

" okay, i'll forgive you but do not make me felt angry anymore, what do you think ??"
and i just said
" okay.."

i know.. i just said that i don't wanna know every single things about him anymore
but,  i still try to forget him.
he's like my friend, the one who's the most populer girl in school. she's beautiful.
everyone likes her.
maybe he's not my destiny....
anyway i'm still in junior high school, what i'm thinking right now ??!!!!
ohh well..
that's all.. sorry i'm late to tell the story yesterday i have to doing some homework with my friends

see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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