Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edit By ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha sorry bloggie.. i didn't write in this blog since....since...last week! hehe *nothin' special in last week*
but now,yes! there is a story about.....ME! ya of course.
hehe today i edited some photos from my phone in 'photoscape' it looks really good (well not good at all). but, i am so proud of myself, cause' i never editing some pics really good before.

Yesterday, me and all my friends in my basketball team had a practice.
after practice, me and usual take pictures in Volley Court :D
i love the pics, cause it's really great hahha and i'm pretty good too as a model hahahhahaha :D (narsist).
well, i presented to you this my pics (again..again..and again)

*my friend Widya

*My Self :)

and these are my another edited pis, i took it in Thursday last week. it's been a long time haha well, not really.
Location: E.O Class
Photographer: Citra and Acha, and others(forgot)
Edited: Me !!! HAHHA

Ilma and one of my junior class, she said that they're both like a sisters.
is it true ??
i still think about it :D

Well, that's all i hope you like it :)
and for all my friends, don't you ever get tired to capture our smile together 

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