Friday, January 15, 2010

8-1 :):):):)

Hello bloggie !
long time no see :D
today i have a story about me and my friends in my class
yesterday, we had a photo session (bahahaha).
yaaa ! we're very narsist heheh 
the place is in the broken window, you know...
the window without the glass (lol).
start with Acha she's took her pic with Tasya(my friend, not me)
and we all said
" hey, i wanna too"
and i said " you know, that there's no me in those pic, they wouldn't be GREAT they're just GOOd.. :P
so i joined them ahahha :D
here they are.

There are pics in the class too..

In Front of the class too...

or in Basketball court with Widya..

And... this is me .. hahhah narsist :P

as usual more photos at Facebook:
Ladinia Dalintasya.

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