Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love This Day, but Hate This Day
Hey Bloggie ! i wanna tell you about today. today it's a Saturday. usually i like this day cause' there's no lesson but..... today is a MATH EXAM !!! The exam was not too easy but not too hard. hahha i 'm cheating.. hahhaa it's just not like me. yyeeaahh.. time's changed. lol. I HATE THIS DAY!

1 and a half hours. that's the tome i need to finished the exam. after a collected the paper me and my friends go to upstairs to met my another friends. then me and Rika  go down and remembered that tihs day is Chandra's B'day! soooo, me and rika went to his class( where he do the exam) and wait..wait..waiting.. till' he comes out and we're screaming " Happy B'day! now.. treat us !" hahhaahhha it was AWESOME ! and we all go to the canteen. he really treat us we're eat our food together in one long table. we're LOL w/ all people in there! I LOVE THIS DAY ! thanks Chandra! hey Happy Birthday to yoouuu... :):)


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