Saturday, December 19, 2009

Story of Us

I love Balloons..
They're cute, so colours  , and round hahha. i like to holdin' it, never gonna let go. but, sometimes you have to lose it. nothin' can we do. cause' we can't have everything. and i has to many things that i had to lose it.

i can't do anything. it's just like we're meant to leave something to have another else. i don't know.. maybe like Best Friend, our love, parents, and anyone else.
I have to lose my friends. all my friends. just because of my parents. my father, he wanted to move. of course me and my family have to move too. my dad can't stay far away from us. but, if he wanted to move ? why me too ?? our family loves to live in there. my brothers, my mom and me.
i can't angry w/ my dad. he's still my dad whatever he does.
now, i miss my friends.
I miss my old friends.

All My Friends

My Best Friends

I know what it feels if we have to leave our friends. and do it again..and again..and again. it feels like " This Is Life" leave someone that we love. and find somebody else and leave it again. over..over..

i don't like this life! i hate life like this! i want to live happily ever after just like in fairytale. but, this the Fairytale. Happy endings of course someday we'll have it.

Now, i live in Balikpapan. it's been 1 year, if this is where i have to live, i mean no " Move" again. i'll take it. i have a better life now. my friends do something crazy to make me LOL. I like to be in here. 
We're hang out together. 


Take a Picture in School

 Going To The Beach

We do many things together. I just Love life like this. and i don't want to leave my friends again.

For you who read this story, i just wan to tell you. No matter what happens, how far, and in every condition DON'T LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS ALONE.
They need you more than you can imagine. They need you to tell their problems, they need your protections, they need your jokes, and their need your shoulder.

PS: To my other friends..i'm sorry i can't write about you guys in here. but, you'll ALWAYS IN MY HEART.
I  ♥ U with all my ♥

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