Monday, December 28, 2009

Inspired (copy from my FB)

I live in the middle of Forest, that place called Townsite. We usually called that place as TS or Utan :D. I was a new student in National School or now Buin Batu School. I was fifth grade. Then my BFF introduce her self to me, i remembered with her long(about a shoulder) black hair. and it was the first time i met her :). Her name was Oline.

In the class, sitting on the blue carpet with the white wall that painted with a shark and everything about ocean. and when i tell a story, all my friends were came to me. It was the first sign that i'm belong in here. 

The next day, i was in the bus sat next to the window and i saw my Best Friend sat across to me. I don't know that she was my friend, but when i arrived at the school i realized that she's my friend. Then my friend told her that i was a new student. Her name was Nanda, and she told me to choose one of brooch that i like and that was the second sign that i'm belong in here.

Nanda was very close with my another Best Friend. Her name was Adika.
Me and Oline was in the playground we're chat :D. Then, Nanda and Adika came we're playing together. Nanda usually call her self "nda" and i had an idea. Why we can have a nickname like Nanda. and... V4 has created. V4 was a short name of Vwend 4eva. Consist with Oline (Lno), Nanda (Nda), Adika (Dka), and me (Zya). After that, we're become very close. We're lunch together, we're LOL together, we're hang out together (mostly swim).
and that was the third sign that i'm belong in here. and i'm really sure that i'm belong in here.

Days after days, months after months, and years after years we're past it together. I was become very close with Oline. and my heart said that she was my true friend. I have a GREAT experience ever with V4.

But, the Sunshine disappear. Black cloud was come, my parents told me that i have to move. I'm angry with my self, i rather be a nerd and don't know everybody include V4 than i'm BFF with V4 but, have to leave them. The lives must go on i can't stay like this forever. So i told them that i will move. I have to tell everything about BBS in front of the class, b4 i move. i wanted to cry, but i can't it was fasting month. My BFF came in front the class, to told about me. It was funny and sad too.

So, i moved. I always move. I leave my friends, i leave my best friends, and my BFF. have to fight the future without no one beside me for help me.
1 year after i moved. 

Now, I'm thinking. Thinking about if i can become a wizard, so i can turn back time and stay ever after w/ my friends again. But, i realized if i do that so i can't learn about mistakes that i already made. and that was my biggest mistake. Thank you guys or sist(=p) now i know that i can't have everything. I LOVE YOU ! ALWAYS AND FOREVER !

Here i am now, the girl that always move. Had to left her crazy hilarious buddy behind :) but i'll keep in touch with u...all.
and now my new friends(or not 'new' anymore) can make feel better. They always make me remember each of you with their behavior. Thanks...thank you SO MUCH ! I know that..


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