Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year !

Today is Wednesday (everyone knows that).
i mean today is 30th of December, you know.. New Year almost here.
let's throw up all the problem's in this year and start with something new.

I wanna be a better person for all people in my life, be a better daughter for my parents, and be smarter :D.
 I wanna be a famous writer someday. like, Stephenie Meyer or JK. Rowling.
I wanna college in UCLA (University of California) in Los Angeles.
i want to live in Calif. too... it's great! lol

New's the time where we celebrate the moment with someone we loved.
My friends, they're planning to have a 'new year time' with have sleepover in one of my friend's house. i want to join too.. but, my mother..she's not allowed me.
why ?? i never have like this before :(

i am so jealous with them who can have it.
i just hope maybe my parents can allow me..

 and Bloggie..

Happy New Year !!!!

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