Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drowning in The Past

Yesterday i just started school and homeworks get crazy !!
Exams next week plus i had a middles semester exam on 11th October,
so i only had about..two weeks for study.
uurrgghhh !!!

Life gets better anyway i become more ready to face the Final Exam on March.
my problem get done clearly.
but i still want to back to the past i don't know why but seems like, God gave me a full bucket of chances
and i didn't took it. stupid, i know.
so many beautiful memories in the past that i can capture with my camera, so the memory will last forever.
but once again, i didn't do it. is like just pass away."i don't care" is what i do
i make someone hurts and make so much mistakes, that i think it was right. at that time
but, i realized that it's wrong and i can't say sorry cause i moved and people i hurt are far away.

now, God gave me a full tank of chances :)
chances to catch the beautiful memories through my Dad's camera,
not just by camera.. also by my eyes and my mind 
the beautiful memories i had just keep running like a movie and i don't want it o end.
if its have to, i want to make it a Happy Ending.

chances to more respect somebody else, through my experiences of making friends hurt
and learn more about this life...

Headband: it's an unbranded necklace actually :D
Top: Contempo
Maxi Skirt: Mom's
Unbranded Scarf

and Since 1996 i'm beginning my life.
taking risk and chances
remember everything, doesn't matter happy or sad
and learn from experiences.

For me, Life is a Journey That Will Never Ends

so This is maybe the start but you know what ?
the real start is The Life after This Life.

much Love <3


  1. may I say, you look so mature in those pics? =) barbiejunk

  2. hi Cleopatra!
    and oh yes! my past was so so precious in our school you know. NATIONAL BUIN BATU!! when you're still with me.. us.. and we're having fun together and going crazy everyday in class. and don't you know that someone told me, V4 was like a popular group. I didn't realize it. how about you? don't you realize it, or even not like me?
    but.. yeah.. LOVE is ruined everything and I think I'm not Oline like 3 years or 2 years ago. I'm mature enough right now and started to understand what Live really means. Or should I spell LIVE back then I can get the real meaning? hha! yes.. EVIL!!!! -,-"

  3. such an inspirational post.
    you go girl!
    keep posting
    lovin it!

  4. such a Cleopatra hahah!
    xo, Lorine (again)

  5. hey don't forget to follow me back!
    nice to know you (pura2 g tau)
    xo, Lorine

  6. this is a very nice and simple outfit girl.. love the shirt! :)

  7. You look amazing! I really love this outfit!


  8. nice maxi skirt :) and you did really good photo shoots! :)

  9. Seems like school must be taking up a lot of your time! Study is important though so I don't blame ya for making it a priority. Love your shirt x


  10. i love your headdress!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!


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