Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a Style of Mine

just like the all post said, "sorry for not posting". i know i know i'm such a bad blogger but hey! nobody's perfect :D i lost my connection, a bad signal and plus! i have a final exam since Monday. what a busy week ?!
  thank you all for stay, visit and read plus comment my post. i love to read all your comment on my post. 
and this the chance, the chance to make all my dreams come true.

On Sunday a really really beautiful sunny day i went to a place, a unique place (i think).
this place is sooooooo far from the city it tooks 2 and a half hours from my home.
after a long journey, me and my family arrived at this place.

well, what do you think ?
what do you think is this place ?
a forest ??
how bout this ??

a beach, yes this place is a beach. "Tanah Merah" beach.
first when my mom said let's go to that beach i thought it is just like the other beach. you know, like the coconut tree, sand. but when we're arrived at this beach i said
" we're lost! this is a forest"
and now, i like this beach it's so unique. there's no such thing as coconut tree and sand, only trees, grass and mangroves.
and i enjoyed it !

(found this carnival, i think they only open at night)

after that we go to beach again but this is different. this place is a restaurant that near the beach. like you can find in Bali, Lombok, and many more in Indonesia.
this restaurant is so natural the played a traditional song, and i love all the furniture !
it's really beautiful.
it's "The Beach House"

Top: Giordano - Pants:Nevada - Long Checkered Shirt: Contempo -unbranded legging- Shoes: Converse

Photographed by : My Mom & Me
Edited By: Me
Location: Tanah Merah Beach and The Beach House
Brought to you by Beautifully Indonesia



  1. I love the shot of the carnival and cute shorts! : )

  2. what a cool place, both forest and beach! The carnival is too cute, with the colors and all.

  3. OMG where is it?! its amazingly beautiful!

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  5. Wow, wow, wow!
    I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!!!! you have a lottt of style and beauty <3
    greetings from Spain!
    Would you be my follower?

    Thank you!!!!!!Lovelovelove

  6. thanks for your comment ya :)
    nice photos esp the carnival one
    cute shorts by the way :))
    check out my latest post ya


  7. I love the landscape! Amazing :)

    PS May we exchange link? ;)

  8. You are such a gorgeous girl!

  9. gosh, that place is awesome!!!
    where is it??


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