Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dance Dance Dance

yes ! finnaly i got my self a day off. yeahh from the boringness of school days.
wow! sorry bloggers i didn't post anything like...
1 week...???!
i know..i know i'm such a bad blogger, but i'm so sorry the reason why i wasn't post anything are:

1. I  Got no Idea to post something in this blog (hehe)
2. I am soooo busy busy busy with school now, although i hate school so bad but still school is number 1 for me.
3. I had a dance practicing since 2 weeks ago and sometimes i got home around 4.30 pm. that's why i can't opened my laptop cause i'm so tired.

well let's talk about the reason number 3. about DANCE DANCE DANCE. did i mention you guys that i'm felt in love with dance. more in ballet.

so, i had an task from my teacher to create a group for dance performance. first my teacher said that it's have to be a traditional dance but, all my friends (include me) doesn't agree with that. so my teacher gave the permission to perform a MODERN DANCE. yes! Thanks God :)
my group are:
1. Rika
2. Inggrid
3. Wulan
4. Widya
5. Rissa
6. and Me.. hehe
we decided to use Justin Bieber's Song, Love Me
you know Justin Bieber right ? haha i bet ya'll know. come'on my grandma know about him too hahaha.

all the moves was created by us with an inspiration from some movies,
and now we just need to look for our costume, we choose to wear:
a shirt, pants and a legging with a sneakers.

and the next 2 weeks i will perform my dance.
Wish Me Luck Guys !



  1. wow that dancing photo is just amazing!!!

  2. great post! the picture of the dancers is sure amazing:)

  3. you're in a modern dance group? cool!
    post the video next time :D

  4. nice blog

    wanna exchange link and or follow me??thx

  5. I remember 2 years ago when we was grade 6 we perform dance for talent show but too bad I was prefer to be a vocalist lolz.
    I love you're move if you're dance.
    Keep moving on

  6. Honestly I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber, but I wish you all the luck! :)

  7. lovely blog!



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