Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boring = Photo

[i choose this pic cause this girl looks like me when i was young]

well, I HATE HOLIDAY ! (for now)
cause everytime i had a holiday i don't have anything to do, into boringness -,-
makes me feel 'nothing'.
uurrgghhh i hate holiday so much, but i hate to study (school)

bbahh so yesterday i borrowed my father's camera (as always) and go take some pictures in my room haha
i had my own photo studio you know, it's my window's curtain !
i hide behind it and go take pictures :P i always do that when i took a picture in my room.

so, here they are some of mine

i know it's really bad and means nothing
cause i don't had any ideas to post in this blog

{but just now i had an idea to post in this little blog, for tomorrow wait for it}



  1. love the 4th pic of you!
    thanks for following my blog and drop a comment on my blog :D
    have a nice day friend!

    xo, sherlyn


thanks for making my day beautiful