Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today Was a Fairytale

scream is the first thing that i wanna do.
not because i'm scared, but it's a happy scream.....
yeah, you know it's about
Today max replied my text and he told everything.
about why he's broke up with her, and anything else..
ooohhh bloggie 
This is the story or 'My fairytale'
today, i was going to school like always feeling as usual, laughing with friends, and homework to do !
i walked entering my school with Tiffany.
i asked her about max
'"hey, is he doesnt't have any pulse anymore ? cause' he doesn't reply my friend's text."  i have to said that my friend text him or....
I Am Dead..
cause, you know why :D
and she said
"ya.. he asked me to transfer him pulse, but i don't"
well, at least i'm feeling okay cause i know that he doesn't had pulse. not because Max don't wanna reply my text.

and more than 5 hours i spent my time at school.
when i'm on my way to home, someone's sent me a text.
and when i opened it, i was surprised it was him

my phone's battery is dying..
but, i don't care i still texting with him.
and he's told me the reason why he's broke up with his GF.
i was so Happy he makes me feel like he's giving his trust to me :)

when he arrived at his home. 
he said
" I'm sorry but my parents doesn't allowed me to sent text on school days bye !"
so i said
" Okay, bye Saturday key ??" 
and my phone is turn off
just like a movie right ??
i say thanks to God who let me texting with him.

When I arrived at my home and charged my phone
i saw his text said
" Insyaallah..."
( it means hope so)

Can't wait till Saturday !!!!!!! 

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