Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He Saved My Photo In His Phone (aaaaaaaaa)

Take a deep breath. that's what i do before i wrote this post.
ya, from the tittle you can guess that it's about 'max'. always 'Max' everything in this world just about you.
today i walked to the canteen with my friends she wanted to buy something.
i realized 'Max' was there... i was soooo happy :)
then my junior class friends called me.
so, i came to her and she show the pic that she takes yesterday. 
i pulled the phone trying to delete it, cause it's my pic freak pic !
then 'Max' said
" hey don't play with my phone..." with his low voice and a smile
i can't believe she takes it his phone.
and i can't believe he doesn't delete it.
GOSH ! if this is a dream that don't make me wake up.
i'll keep my dream the way it is :)

oohh.. 'Max' if it's true..
why you don't reply my text ??
i wait for your text, always...
I Love You Max...
I Need You Max..
I Like You Max..
I'll Wait For You
Even It's Forever


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