Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sorry.. I'm Forget :)

Dear bloggie, THIS IS THE BAD DAY EVER !
why ?? because of this....
well, i went to school today. there's a game for my class, basketball game. my class vs 8 International class. My class's team are me, Widya, Citra, Wulan and Ilma ( Wulan and Ilma are in the team, but now they're moved from basket).
So, here we go..
 when i was sat under the stairs, citra drop the "aqua" and HIT ilma's bag. she put down the bag and the wallet was drop on the floor. So, because i am sneaky i took it and hide it in my bag. until hours.
when i wanted to go home, i met her at the gate. I clap my hand to her shoulder. but, i can't remember if her wallet was in my bag ( how stupid i am??)
when i was in my car drove to home. she called me and ask about her wallet. I said i was forgot to give her wallet back. i'm so SORRY... 
I have to giving back her wallet tomorrow after school. if her doesn't come to school i'll giving back the wallet to her house.


But, when i put on my status on facebook about apologize to her. she doesn't mad anymore :] pyyuhhh.. thanks ILMA :]
yyeeeesssssssss !   


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