Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oouuchh !

Hey bloggie ! how this day goin ?? hahha
i had a bad experience today. i joined the basketball team in my school since this semester. i joined this team because i like to playing basketball but, i'm not really good at basketball :D. so, i think who cares ?? maybe with joined this team i can be a professional basketball player hahha ( nice imagination).
so, today is a class meeting day. there's no lesson. but i don't know why i wanted to play basketball. me, citra, and widya (my friends, they joined the team too) become as 1 team. and my junior class become as one team too. we're playing 3on3. after we're done playing. we're just shooting at the ring. rebound. and one of my friends shooted the ball. it was HIT my FACE. it was really..really..really.. hurt! i feel headache. uuhh.. fortunely i'm not unconscious. huhh... hahha who's gonna take me to the hospital than ??!! lol :]
but, it's okay. i already forgive her. that's the experience that i never forget about basketball :D:D:D

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