Saturday, December 26, 2009

Life is Like a Dreamland

I am so happy today !
I feel Great !
I feel Good!
I feel Awesome!
I was very happy ! I wanna touch the sky!

the blue sky full of clouds that make comfort
i like to know what it feels if we can sleep on it.
that's amazing! i'll never gonna go back to the earth i'm gonna bulid a house made of clouds ! haha supersuper great life!
I know you want too.. hehe :]
this is the step i want to do for touch the sky:
1. Jump on the trampoline

 2. Jump Higher till' i scream

3, Touch The Sky! yeeahh

4. Sleep On it hahha

or.. if we doesn't have trampoline we can use the cradle! hahha

Life is Great!
dependent to what you imagine for.
if you can imagine this world is a dreamland, you can have a life like that :)
don't be scared to dreaming, cause' start from dream ended with 

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