Thursday, December 17, 2009

Greeting :)

hey! i'm Ladinia Dalintasya. this is the first blog that i made. i like writing something but never in a blog before...
well.. my friends usually called me Tasya or Tasha. i'm an 8 grader school in SPANSA balikappan, Indonesia. yyeeahh i know.. i'm laying in my blog. i said that i was lived in Toluca lake, CA . hahhaha but, hey! maybe someday i'll live in there.. hahha
(hope so). i'm number 1 biggest fan of Demi Lovato! demi lovato is GREAT ! hahha. back to the topic.. why i called my blog as 'girlthatalwaysmove'.... yuph! because of me! i always moved away. left my friends and my BFF behind. but, now i have a better frinds that remind me of them w/ their each behaviour.. :)
I like to listen to the music, watch movie, swim, write something, and DANCING. dancing is the most exciting things to do! we can throw up the problems all we've got w/ do the the crazy moves! hahha
i have a weird experience today.. right before i write this blog.. hehe i don't know how to write this. hahhaha and i ask my BFF. hehhe she's smarter than i am.. :)
waht i'm doing right now..
well, i'm kinda busy now. i have a final exams at the end semester,plus saturday it's a math exam! uuurrggghhh i hate math! why there's a subject called MATH ??!!
maybe this is a little about me.. :)
i'll tell you all about my self and waht's happening next time..
I MISS YOU MY BFF thank for help me ! imissyou w/ all my heart sist! :):)


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